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young and sad

25 Mar

Now, I guess, I almost sort of regret that I always said Zayn was tied for last as my favorite member of One Direction. Because I realize that without him, without Liam, even, the band does not exist. I mean, it does, technically, but not in the way it did, the way it should, or ever will again. And I’m closer to thirty than I am to sixteen so maybe they’re not as much mine as maybe NSYNC should have been, but no. They are. And I’m young and sad, and it’s heartbreaking to see them separate.



16 Mar

When I was younger and intentionally fascinated with things that would make my mother cringe, I would take her old sewing needles and thread them through a thin layer of skin on my fingers and tell her to look.


23 Jan

I used to have a list three pages long of Things To Do Before I Die. Along with other really dumb things like “finish my 10th journal” and “have a boy’s hand on the small of my back” and “fast dance,” there were at least three bullet points about releasing messages into the world to solicit a response from someone. Anyone. In a bottle, by balloon, with a fingernail-sized etching on the bench at the bus stop, I’d asked to be acknowledged. Hey, I got your message. That was all I wanted. I needed to know I wasn’t shouting into a void, that something there would echo back, at least, to let me know that even if I was alone I mattered enough to be heard.

i’m pretty and important

22 Jan

retroblog thursday

January 13th, 1998

My aunty and uncle gave me a journal when I was in fifth grade that asked me questions and prompted me to write. Name three things that make you feel important, it said. And even though I loved English class and thought I was pretty good at grammar and spelling, I had a lot to learn when I wrote:



The three things that make me feel important is my personality, my love for animals, and my sense of humor. I like my personality because thats what makes me have all of the friends I have. I like my love for animals because then the animals will love me back. I like my sense of humor because I know that I can laugh at myself whenever it is necessary. I have alot of things that make me feel important but these are the three main things that make me feel important.