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all guilty of something

24 Mar

we’d seen a lot of episodes before. bits and pieces throughout the series. don’t usually feel i should like a show until i’ve seen it from the beginning. every episode. in order. because i’m tired and i’ve been tired all month, after completing the first season in criminal minds, i have only common and expected comments, i think. the first of which is that i now want to be in the behavioral analysis unit. i want to be a profiler in the BAU, and i want to figure you out. i thought i didn’t like elle, but i think i like her now. she’s strong and brave, and i appreciate that. in one of the episodes in the middle of the first season, she had bangs that i did not like, but they were gone by the next episode and her eyeliner is always pretty good. spencer reid is the best, and everyone knows it. jennifer jareau is not my favorite, not at all, and i’m not sure if my mind can be changed about her. and jason gideon does have kind eyes. my favorite episode this season was “riding the lightning,” and this is the end of my season one review.


just said less

22 Mar

I worry all the time that my life narrative won’t make sense if I don’t write down now what I’m feeling and what I think about how I feel and what I think I should feel about that. But when I’m tired or lazy, or when I miss a day of blogging when I thought I wouldn’t, I like to zoom out a little, take a step back and remember that I wouldn’t have liked myself very much anyway if when I’m forty-two I find journals from my twenties and read that I’m unsatisfied with my job, I spent the weekend watching Netflix, and I’m too emotionally invested in One Direction as a quintet to dwell much on Zayn’s hiatus. So, I mean, it wouldn’t be terrible if I just said less.

party and party and yeah

20 Mar

It’s finally Friday and I have no plans except to lie on the couch with Daniel and pizza and maybe a Criminal Minds marathon on Netflix. I’ve been looking forward to this all week. I look forward to it every day it’s not the weekend. School was much of the same. If I ever reach it, I wonder what retirement will be like.

Maybe someday I’ll have an excuse for why my blog has been so lame.

and i probably need a hair dryer

10 Mar

If I’ve been typing for the past hour and my screen is blank now, anything I’ll write today will be too dumb to read.  In January I knew that by now I’d be drawing different girls, writing the same things, bored with Wolf and trying to be his friend, and graduated to a new list of unnecessary worries. Like, how many forevers will it take us to watch ten seasons of Criminal Minds on Netflix? And should I even bother with Revenge again? And, if I really hate shopping and I hate all my clothes, can I just as effectively procure a new wardrobe online? Also, should I buy more new pens?



breaking blouse

6 Mar

the friday five

1. This is an idea I stole from Sarah Dessen who used to do this on Fridays, but hasn’t since 2013, I think. She writes books, a lot of books, and she has kids, so she’s probably pretty busy. It wasn’t long ago that I wanted to write books for teens. YA was, like, my thing and I was excited about that. I think I can still relate to teenagers pretty well, but I just don’t have the guts to write something I’d want seventeen year-olds reading. (Also, I don’t have the willpower to finish a novel. ALSO, I really want to write super depressing adult things, and if a teen reads it, it’ll probably seem dumb/make things worse.

2. Daniel’s scrolling through Yelp on his phone for dinner ideas. There aren’t many places I’m okay being at on a Friday night, so I’m constantly scrunching my face at his suggestions and asking that we go another time instead. But I honestly think I’m saving him the trouble of driving there and deciding for himself that THESE CROWDS ARE TOO MUCH. So, you’re welcome, Daniel. And yes, I would be okay with picking up sushi from that little place down the road and watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix tonight. In our underwear.

3. My go-to simple black blouse is breaking. There’s an almost-hole just to the right of my belly button, and I’m going to cry! Okay. I’m not going to cry. I might be a little upset for a while and complain about all the other simple black blouses I’ll buy online to replace it and inevitably shove in the back of my dresser when it doesn’t fit me like my old one, but I’m not going to cry about clothes. Not unless there’s nothing else to wear and everything makes me look so friggin ugly. But I don’t know what to do about this. I really don’t.

4. I am now the owner of a 40-ounce Hydro Flask. HOLY MOLY it’s big! I didn’t realize I wasn’t getting the same size as everyone else. On my walk up the hill to work today, I had it tucked beneath my arm in my little blue tote bag, and I felt ridiculous. Maybe I should buy a backpack now. It’s just so big, and it makes me feel so small… I’m just super self-conscious about it, but I’m definitely not thirsty. So, that’s good, right?

5. And here’s a little doodle face: 03062015

sweetest valentimez

14 Feb

In a few hours, Daniel and I will be having one of those fancy Valentine sunset dinners where we get slightly more dressed up and gaze at each other all longingly. We slept in this morning to make it a real special day. I like when we’re just lying around, talking about whatever. That’s the best. Zuko’s been enjoying our lazy Saturday as well.


And last night we ate s’mores fudge and watched Ghost on Netflix. Best Valentine EVER!

a new day

1 Jan


I suppose 2014 was not a particularly bad year. I could list a few of my personal highlights from the past year, but I won’t do that to you. Not this time, anyway. It was sort of a weird New Year’s Eve as my parents were with family in New York and my siblings and I had separate plans. Daniel and I had our first NYE in our still-newish condo on the other side of the mountain. We watched some Netflix before turning off all the lights and sticking our faces to the picture window to see our neighborhood’s firework displays. We toasted the New Year with nine-dollar champagne and went to bed before 1 without self-deprecating comments about the way we’ve aged. Because it was a good night and a good year, and now that it’s a new day, we’ve got another chance to make it better.