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let’s catch up

17 Jan

Since my eye appointment in October, I’ve been getting migraines about once a month. Up from maybe two times a year, this is a lot. Too many. I’ll mention it at my next doctor appointment in February. Besides living in fear of that dreaded aura signaling a possible forty-eight hours of discomfort, things are good. How are things with you?


i just might die

29 Dec

About two minutes into the morning, there was a thing in my eye. A THING IN MY EYE, and I could not get it out, could not pull out enough eyelashes to make it feel better, douse it with minty Japanese eyedrops, or blink into the puddle of warm water in my palms above the bathroom sink to get it out. There was a thing in my eye, and after an hour of staring into the mirror, poking at it, holding up my eyelid to see where and what the thing could be, I had to accept that it would stay, that I’d have to live with it. And for a little while today, I stopped noticing it. For a little while, I was okay, I was fine, I was going to live a normal happy life. But I’m remembering it now, remembering the pain, the irritation of having A THING IN MY
EYE. Can’t imagine going to the doctor for this. Won’t go to the doctor for this. This is stupid.

a breath for the breathless

13 Oct

The following entry was written by Tyler, my brother, who completed a half-marathon this morning!

A blaring five a.m. alarm brought the household to life today; this preceded a one hour drive by the dim light of the fleeting Laie moon.  Sleep the night before was scarce but two weeks worth of butterflies and pre-race jitters disintegrated with a corny display of the American flag carried by a circling equestrian cowgirl opened the ceremony.  Fast forward two hours and forty-six minutes and exhaustion incarnate crossed the makeshift finish line.  Thirty-something days earlier, rigorous training for this absurd challenge began, but the true starting line was almost three years ago.

Jen has been following a particular family’s YouTube vlog nearly since its inception.  I’ve tuned in over her shoulder from time to time, but would never watch it on my own.  But I was captivated after the jovial “chubalard” of a patriarch lost 115lb. and ran a marathon.  I began devouring their podcast by the earful every day.  When I was finally up to date, I discovered a challenge delivered by the transformed man.  He challenged his viewers and listeners to set a simple goal for September and to work toward that goal every single day of the month.  After thirty days of struggling both physically and mentally, I rose to and completed his challenge.

In short, this was an incredible experience and I wouldn’t have had it if Jen didn’t turn me onto the Shaytards vlog (go check them out!).  On top of that, she was the one who got me to sign up for an actual half-marathon instead of just making my own.  So thanks Jen!