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all guilty of something

24 Mar

we’d seen a lot of episodes before. bits and pieces throughout the series. don’t usually feel i should like a show until i’ve seen it from the beginning. every episode. in order. because i’m tired and i’ve been tired all month, after completing the first season in criminal minds, i have only common and expected comments, i think. the first of which is that i now want to be in the behavioral analysis unit. i want to be a profiler in the BAU, and i want to figure you out. i thought i didn’t like elle, but i think i like her now. she’s strong and brave, and i appreciate that. in one of the episodes in the middle of the first season, she had bangs that i did not like, but they were gone by the next episode and her eyeliner is always pretty good. spencer reid is the best, and everyone knows it. jennifer jareau is not my favorite, not at all, and i’m not sure if my mind can be changed about her. and jason gideon does have kind eyes. my favorite episode this season was “riding the lightning,” and this is the end of my season one review.


party and party and yeah

20 Mar

It’s finally Friday and I have no plans except to lie on the couch with Daniel and pizza and maybe a Criminal Minds marathon on Netflix. I’ve been looking forward to this all week. I look forward to it every day it’s not the weekend. School was much of the same. If I ever reach it, I wonder what retirement will be like.

Maybe someday I’ll have an excuse for why my blog has been so lame.

hold me, though

19 Dec

Do you ever want to hug me, need to hold me, scoop me in your arms and squeeze me?

I was half-asleep when I typed this into my phone last night, because I wanted to remember it, because I thought it was significant that I spend so much of the time I don’t hate everything wanting to be wrap my arms around people (and cats) who seem to need someone else to care. And I want to make them better, make myself better, have us all loving and appreciating each other in the way we should be loved and appreciated. But it’s selfish though, because I need them most. I’m the one all cracked up and falling apart, grabbing other people so they’re forced to hold me together. And I don’t know, still don’t know what I’m talking about, what I mean to say, because Criminal Minds is on again, and is not helping with my needing to hug the ones who need hugging.

face in the carpet

17 Dec

I’m typing this with my face in the carpet. Today was rainy, so rainy it could have been snow, looked like snow, grey, cold. There was wind too and traffic and lights and I don’t remember seeing the sun. And it was different and interesting, and I liked it. And I thought about people I knew, people who knew me, people who think I’m tame for good reason. Because I don’t like loud noises and crowds of people, I don’t like pretending that I feel on the outside and that all of it makes me happy. Can’t stand most people, and even the ones I like, I grow to detest. Eventually. Because they give me reason to. And I’m stressed about a silly competition, about a gingerbread house, nervous because of the little details that could make it great. Can’t deal with it, can’t deal with lunch with a friend I’ve loved because it’s been too long, because I’m tame and I think I need to be someone now, someone he’ll realize he should have missed more. And it worries me that I could be fine if I learned to accept that lying here watching Criminal Minds is a fine life, because it’s a fine life.