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warm and toasty

23 Mar

03232015blueberry waffles



21 Oct

I’m trying to be more pleasant, trying to be patient, kind, love better, really. I’m trying to be more quiet. Trying not to hurry Daniel along as he takes fifteen minutes to scoop himself some rice at dinner or half an hour buttoning his shirt in the morning. I’m trying. I’m almost always annoyed with the people I love, almost always snippy and sarcastic, because I love them, because they know me, because if they don’t get it they just don’t understand me and I shouldn’t have to waste my time filling in the blanks. So for three days of mostly shutting up, of minding my manners, of taking back the things I said just before realizing how much I value the peace that comes with kindness, I already feel less guilty about the good people who have the misfortune to know me.
After a busy morning, Daniel and I went out for breakfast. We sat across from each other in a booth with cracking plastic cushions and high seat backs. Except for the sides that fall in curls over his ears, his hair was pulled back into a ponytail. It hasn’t been long enough for a while. We both ordered sweet bread french toast though I’m usually more a waffle person, and between bites between words between high seat backs in the crowded restaurant, I noticed the way all my favorite parts of the world were wrapped inside him, secured with a red rubber band atop his head, and there’s little else I care about more.


21 Jul

My fiance’s favorite meal is breakfast. I think breakfast is okay. I wish I loved breakfast the way he does, but the most popular breakfast foods are all so bready. Pancakes are my least favorite. Totally don’t see what the hype for french toast is about. Waffles are… Well, if I had to eat some sort of bready breakfast food, it would be a waffle. Preferably one that is not too fat or soggy, burnt, or crunchy. My family has a waffle maker and I think it makes some of the most wonderful waffles. I hope that Daniel and I own our own wonderful waffle maker someday.
In a perfect world, I would have some form of potato with my breakfast. Fruits, too. Some kind of crumbly mini muffin would be nice. Some times there are too many breakfast food options, and sometimes there are too few. Because of the breadiness of it all, one has to choose carefully at a breakfast buffet-type thing one might find at the Bellagio in Vegas to avoid becoming full before eating the apple strudel mini muffin being saved for last. Plan ahead, people. Oh, and if you get the chance, try the Crab Hash Benedict at Tango in Honolulu. Yum.