barely avoiding a lake

13 Mar

the friday five

1. Anna closed her eyes and fingered through a stack of old paintings, portraits of hands in all colors, palms up, waiting, wanting.
“I know you’re lying, Jerry,” she said, exasperated,

Is what I would have written for Fiction Friday if I knew what to type after that last comma. Whatever. I already have a little story-type thing with someone flipping through a stack of paintings, so this is all it’ll ever be anyway. How about you think of something new, Jen! Be original! Write better!

2. Earlier this week I was telling Buffalo about my dreams. Lately, I’ve been going places, I told her. Faraway places. Places I’d never been. My dreams usually take place in the same familiar areas. My parents’ home, my grandparents’ home, my elementary school, work, the parking structure at UHM. Last month I dreamt I was in rural America waiting for a city bus. I told Daniel about the woman/man with the pen of goats and sheep directing me to the street over, lined with bus stops. I waited and waited, but my bus didn’t come. When it became dark, I saw a line of headlights streaming toward a little house down the road. They were school buses turning in for the night. I waited outside while I went inside (I KNOW!) to ask to borrow a bus to get home. I promised to wash it and bring it back the next morning, and I was given the keys. For never driving a bus, I was lucky I didn’t die. I was speeding through the countryside like I didn’t have a break pedal, just barely avoiding a lake. Just ahead of me was another school bus, driving along just fine. I followed as best I could, then I woke up.

3. This is a thing I drew today.

4. Tonight Daniel and I are going to the auto show with my parents. Some of the cars are nice, I guess, but nothing really exciting ever happens at these things. They advertised free pizza on the radio, but last year there was only pepperoni, and it looked like it’d been sitting out for a while. My husband will be happy to see the cars, so I can be too. And unless someone hooks us up, this is probably the closest we’ll get to SEMA.

5. This is a blurb and a photo from Daniel who wanted to help when I said I was one short of five:

Cat naps, scaredy cat, curiosity killed the cat, cat nip, cat scratch fever, cat got your tongue. I thought those were all made up idioms until I met Zuko. For her they are all too real. I envy her for some like cat naps and cat got your tongue, but others are dangerous like cat nip. Overall, Zuko, you’ve got it good.


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