just not completely terrible

4 Mar

Daniel took me out for pho last night, and it was delicious and wonderful and just what I needed. We came home to the Ultimate Couch Bed we made last weekend when we rented Gone Girl (brilliant, perfect, amazing, love love love) and watched an episode of Fixer Upper on HGTV before crawling into bed and balancing body temperatures. I’m hesitant to say that today was good, because I know how quickly it can still turn awful. For the most part, my hair was cooperative. Not fancy or beautiful by any means, just not completely terrible, which I consider a win. I can breathe through both my nostrils today, and I feel more awake than I’ve felt all week. Maybe the cold has passed. I celebrated with a $3 bag of li hing gummy bears to eat at my desk with chopsticks and some music while I reconciled month-end reports for work with all the colored highlighters Buffalo bequeathed me when she left. I saw Wolf today wearing that sweater I said was nice, and he was kind, helpful, and much appreciated. I guess it’s pretty safe to say that today was definitely not bad. For dinner, Daniel and I are making something chicken cacciatore-ish. Except for that one time when we had only three ingredients and it tasted dreadful, it usually turns out pretty good. Mom always said I needed to help in the kitchen to learn how to cook. I don’t think I was ever much help, but I watched her, and I learned from her, and I’m not so great at following recipes now either, but I think it tastes okay!


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