but i’ve got a lot to say

21 Feb

maybe one day i’ll be brave and interesting and have done things or seen places that people might want to hear about, but i try to convince myself or you, or yeah maybe myself, (every week, by the way) that i don’t care. oh wait. i really don’t care. i could sit at home all day eating dove chocolates and watching hgtv wondering when the next time there will be chips in this house so i can eat the salsa in the fridge and not give a damn what anyone thinks. when i was in high school and a lot dumber, i told a boy that i didn’t believe in cussing in my writing. i think of that some times when i’m typing out, you know, the f word. or SHIT. and i don’t ever say it, like, when i’m speaking. but i think he was right when he argued that sometimes no other word would be as effective. and maybe i’m saying that if i went out and did things, saw people, attended events, or whatever, my introspection might not be as effective? or i wouldn’t know my cat as well as i do? we’re very close. she gets me. i don’t think it really matters. also, if i’m being honest, i want to live to 86, but no more than that.


One Response to “but i’ve got a lot to say”

  1. passionfortruths February 21, 2015 at 8:41 pm #

    Everyone is different.. so I think it’s good to honor one’s own perspective.

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