people we don’t need

17 Feb

When I’d normally say get well, I told Wolf who was feeling sick this morning to get better, because I’m annoyed with the way he’s been lately, and I hope he improves. Get better. Be better. Sometimes I think I can trust him to be a good friend or just a good person, but other times I feel really dumb for falling for it. When I don’t think he’s actually kind or misunderstood, he seems like a total liar. I don’t know why I’m even trying to be close to him when he’s inviting me to hang out at his place alone and not agreeing to have just a normal conversation over lunch or something. Maybe it’s too much to ask that Wolf be honest with me who he barely knows, but it shouldn’t be. Maybe it’s a test of interest or commitment to have to peel back so much bullshit to find a real person, and if it is, I’ll probably quit. About a minute later, he sent a text back: “Yeah, thanks.”


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