captured by boys

12 Feb

retroblog thursday

On March 22nd in 2001, I was recounting the events at the junior high camping trip. On the first day, we had a sand sculpture contest, and omg omg omg, I was so happy because I was teammates with The Hunter and Beach Hair, and they’re both so cute! Beach Hair buried himself in the sand, and we sculpted him into a mermaid. We got last place, but WHO CARES, RIGHT? That night, one of the teachers organized a game of Christians in Communist China which is a lot like Capture the Flag, only creepier. The object of the game was to get to the Christian meeting at the right place and at the right time without getting captured by communists. We were running around and hiding, and I didn’t write it here, but I probably really had to pee. And, you know what, Diary, even though The Hunter was a communist and he captured me, he’s really funny and sweet, and I like him a lot… as a friend. ALSO, Jake is pretty cool. ALSO, Beach Hair knows my name. Oh, and my sister was at this camp too, but we run in, like, totally different circles.


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