irrelevant and italicized

11 Feb


I am one-hundred percent certain that I am very uncertain about many things. I know that I am in love with my husband and that my cat is my second favorite person. It’s likely everyone, or a lot of us, feel separate too. There are nineteen episodes of Claire Danes as Angela Chase, my soul for too long a time–I know that. But there’s more I don’t. More I keep pretty cloudy and unclear so I’m never really wrong, never really right either, just sort of always there.

It’s almost 8:30 and it took me hours to write nothing, and I don’t know what’s wrong with me today except that I’ve felt tired since I woke this morning, and I don’t much care for my hair. Here’s a short list of things I haven’t cared much for (meaning, I could care less or I could care more. It could really go either way, but deciding takes too much effort/isn’t worth it, so it’s, like, there, but whatever) today:

  • the Chinese chicken salad at lunch
  • that weird clear droplet stain on my right shoe
  • working
  • the half-episode of Property Brothers I almost watched
  • Wolf, feeling very distant over text
  • my outfit
  • my Tumblr feed after noon
  • flaking on this thing I said I’d go to, but decided not to because I don’t know how to drive there/don’t want to catch a ride with anyone
  • my outlook on things, in general
  • the stupid, irrelevant italicized blurb in this blog post

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