the side ponytail thing

8 Feb

For a little while in tenth grade, I tried out a high side pony. I don’t know why. This was not the eighties. I wasn’t making a fashion statement. I probably just woke up one morning and thought, Hey, I can’t really see my hair when it’s behind me. Why not move it closer to the front? This was also the year I wore a cowry shell choker, puka shell necklaces, and beaded hemp anklets with t-shirts from Ross with sayings I can’t remember but I’d intended to make me seem tough and unconcerned. I don’t remember thinking I was cool, but looking back on it now, man, was I cool.


Before P.E. one of those days, I took off my jewelry, changed into my uniform, and was adjusting my stylin’-do before heading toward the gym when a girl in my class stops me to say: “Hey, your ponytail’s crooked.” One of her friends sort of chuckled and half-whispered that it was supposed to be that way. So the girl pretended to be, like, surprised or something that she’d been rude, and apologized. And I laughed and said it was cool, when it was SO NOT COOL. And I spent the rest of the day adjusting my side pony, moving it ever so slowly toward the back of my head where it belonged.

I hate that story.


Photo source: The Babysitters Club Tumblr


One Response to “the side ponytail thing”

  1. Matty February 10, 2015 at 3:28 pm #

    Is there anything worse than tenth grade girls?

    In the illustration you’ve posted here, look at the girl in the yellow shirt and purple skirt in the left background. The one who seems to be talking on a hand-phone? She’s the type who would tell Claudia that her ponytail is crooked. But Claudia (who *rules* BTW) is too busy accepting the admiration of friends. I’ll bet that’s how it was for you, too — everyone else liked your hair however you liked it, and then some weirdo who pretends her hand is a telephone gets jealous that there isn’t room at your table, so she gets extremely rude.

    I guess you hate this story because it happened to you and you feel like you had to change to fit in instead of being your -real self-, but when you’re in tenth grade you do what you have to do in order to get out alive. That’s your only goal. Nobody’s going to judge you for that.

    I liked this story because it was a true tale of high school. I think you should rock a side-pony some time this week for old time’s sake and share the results with us later.

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