we were friends

5 Feb

retroblog thursday

On November 29th in 2005, I wrote about Explorer and our conversations on the third floor in Sinclair Library. After telling me some about his band and approving the playlists on my iPod, he looked up at me and paused. Said he was trying to figure me out. And I thought it was so nice of him to think I’m complex, but it worried me that one day he’d find I was simple and not at all mysterious or interesting. We had lunch together once or twice between classes, and I sort of just sat there trying not to make him uncomfortable. Turns out it was cool, though. After he and his band dropped out of school to work on their music in the forest on the Big Island, we reminisced about the nice times we had together at University. And they were nice. And I missed them. Started dating FutureX shortly after and lost contact with Explorer which still sort of bums me out because I feel like there was something scientific and good about he and I being friends.




Work today was rough. I don’t even want to get into it. Then Buffalo sent me a message online this afternoon, and I remembered all the warm and good parts about friends and keeping them. For TBT, she posted a picture of the two of us hanging out at her house over a year ago, because I think she likes me too. I’ve been getting messages from Beauty inviting me to this thing for church, making me feel all loved and special, but I’ve been pretty bad at getting back to her about it. I was thinking I wouldn’t, but I’ll tell her later that I’ll go. It’s probably the Friendly thing to do. Wolf’s been nice, too. I mean, he puts a strange emphasis on our being friends, but I like to think I’m smart about it. I won’t be visiting his place like he’s offered, but I’ll respond to his texts and say hello when he walks by. I feel that I like too few people to let them disappear like I did Explorer.


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