that sunday feeling

1 Feb


nine-thirty, sunday night. sitting at the kitchen counter wondering how much i should be caring about this afternoon’s super bowl right now. mom and dad cooked good food. daniel and i made a seven-layer dip. drew a picture some time between the third and fourth quarter of another girl i might in a separate life be. and there’s really not much else. ten years ago i was in high school. ten years ago on a sunday night, i’d be worried about everything happening or not happening in the week to come. don’t miss that at all. tomorrow’s a long work day, and i still worry, but i think it will work out. might just be too tired to run through all the ways it can get screwed up, but for now at least, i don’t mind. gonna sleep a few hours, wake up before six, and get through it all i guess.


at least i have these two. i love them so much.


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