monday vibez

19 Jan

Earlier today I wrote:

It’s cold in the office. My toes and the tips of my fingers are numb. I’ll hit that point soon where my body stops fighting it and gives in, slumps quietly into an only slightly detectable half-sleep with my hands still at the keyboard looking busy-ish. Today I can afford to be just busy-ish, but I think I’ve already committed to full blown Lazy.


I’m home now. It’s a comfortable temperature. Through the window I see a haze rolling over the hillside. The sunset’s going to be really nice. We’re having leftovers for dinner, and maybe ice cream after. Daniel would love that. It’s only Monday, but I think we’re both ready for the weekend. Nothing good happens at work.

Wolf sent me a text message. I hate that he always types your when he means you’re. And forget about commas! But I won’t bring it up. What’s the point? At least I got him to edit out his casual ellipses.


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