rare magic

18 Jan

Sunday afternoons like these are my favorite. Daniel and I picked up bubble teas after church and on the drive home, I asked him dumb questions about development in town. Besides being the best looking person I’ll probably ever see for the rest of my life, I love that he takes time to really consider what I’m trying to say when it comes out like: “In all of the U.S., how big do you think all the building happening in Kakaako compares? I mean… like… or just all of history in Hawaii? Is it more or less?” I only sort of know what I’m trying to ask, but somehow he understands and doesn’t make me feel stupid for talking. I like that in a person. We talk about living in different places. In the city maybe. Or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Just for a little while. Just to see. Maybe we’ll live in Volcano when we retire. Maybe not. I like that we have forever together to decide. Daniel’s got a bunch of tools on the floor in the kitchen now. He’s fixing things while I write.

I was drawing earlier. Just an ugly little thing. Daniel thinks it’s important that I draw. He gives me time to do these silly things I have trouble imagining does anything but waste it. I don’t even know what kind of magic convinced him to love me.


One Response to “rare magic”

  1. Rick January 19, 2015 at 8:40 am #

    Jen, it IS important that you keep drawing, and I’m glad Daniel thinks so, too. You have a unique talent. Thanks for sharing it with your Blog followers.

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