not even you

7 Jan

Ten years from now, I think I’ll have forgotten today. I won’t remember that I fixed my makeup three times in the morning before giving up and admitting that it would not get better. I won’t remember that my eyes were tired, that I thought I slept, but maybe I hadn’t. My dreams have been eluding me, and that’s unusual. My head hurts. It’s probably the same thing. I carried my breakfast to work in a Ziploc bag. Cereal, dry, the way I like it. The door to the stairs were locked so I walked past the salespeople’s desks to get to the other stairwell. I don’t so much mind saying hello to them when they’re around, but I worry they’d rather I didn’t so I tend to keep my head down. The store was officially introduced to our new general manager, and everyone clapped. We had lunch from El Mariachi, a cheesecake and brownie dessert, five more hours of work, and then a half-hour drive home. Nothing really.


One Response to “not even you”

  1. Rick January 8, 2015 at 7:04 am #

    An ordinary day can have excitement if you look for it.

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