you’re gonna sing the words wrong

1 Jun


It’s the first of June. It’s sunny. It’s hot. Tomorrow’s another work day. If this is another paragraph about being so ridiculously unfit for a job in the office, just stop reading now. I’m so bored of writing about that. I’m going to tell you about Daniel now. Right now. He is sitting next to me in a red shirt and surf shorts. He just washed his car. He gave me gardenia updates. From clippings in the front yard, our baby gardenias are growing roots in a jar. He planted one. We’re excited to watch it grow. Under my piercing gaze, Daniel is taking a sip of his water. I am watching and typing and trying to make him uncomfortable, but he is staring back, raising his brow, and gulping unapologetically. I’m asking him for writing advice. He said I can end this post by playing that song we were talking about this morning, the one that sounds happy with sadder undertones, the one we both imagine being played in a movie when good things are happening and then stopping suddenly with the protagonist alone, wondering where everyone had gone.


One Response to “you’re gonna sing the words wrong”

  1. Simple Heart Girl June 2, 2014 at 2:24 pm #

    I was wondering when you would put some more of your artwork up! 🙂

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