i just might die

29 Dec

About two minutes into the morning, there was a thing in my eye. A THING IN MY EYE, and I could not get it out, could not pull out enough eyelashes to make it feel better, douse it with minty Japanese eyedrops, or blink into the puddle of warm water in my palms above the bathroom sink to get it out. There was a thing in my eye, and after an hour of staring into the mirror, poking at it, holding up my eyelid to see where and what the thing could be, I had to accept that it would stay, that I’d have to live with it. And for a little while today, I stopped noticing it. For a little while, I was okay, I was fine, I was going to live a normal happy life. But I’m remembering it now, remembering the pain, the irritation of having A THING IN MY
EYE. Can’t imagine going to the doctor for this. Won’t go to the doctor for this. This is stupid.


2 Responses to “i just might die”

  1. Max Ida December 30, 2012 at 4:32 am #

    i was riding my bicycle to work today and something flew into my eye. it made me bend over in pain every time i blinked. i tried to get it out and tried eyewash and eye drops and everything but nothing worked. i decided to sleep it off and hopefully cry it out but no dice. the next morning i went to the doctor and they put some color drops into my eye, shined a light into my pupil and the doctor told me why i hadn’t come sooner. he flipped over my eyelid and took a q-tip and wicked something out.
    my eye was “lacerated” by a little rock that got stuck there.

    • jenibo December 31, 2012 at 7:41 am #

      ACK! That is a terrible story! But I think my eye is okay now. Either I’ve grown accustomed to the scratching or the Thing has been washed out, probably during REM. Daniel told me about a time when he had to go to the doctor to get something out of his eye, and I guess getting there is the most difficult part. And unless there was a ROCK in my eye, I don’t think I could go, especially without insurance.

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