birthday musings

26 Dec

Hey, it’s my birthday, thought you should know, thought I should type that over and over today while I can, while I’m still new at twenty-five, still young, still intrigued by all the wrong things, still blogging mad, still repeating words in sentences too long or paragraphs with sentences too short, too terse, too trite. Thought I should be upset about waking up for work this morning, about sitting in my cubicle seething, about the hours I spent choosing the right syllables that would allow me to leave an hour earlier, about birthday privileges, about my being such a toddler about having to be an adult. Thought I should shy away from my family at the table tonight, gathered ’round for me, to watch me, to give me really sweet and thoughtful gifts to show their love, to see how graciously I was able to accept them. And it’s my birthday, will be for about an hour more. Expecting fireworks, or something, but hugs are nice. Still, hugs are good.


One Response to “birthday musings”

  1. Simple Heart Girl December 26, 2012 at 11:12 pm #

    Well, happy birthday! 🙂

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