hold me, though

19 Dec

Do you ever want to hug me, need to hold me, scoop me in your arms and squeeze me?

I was half-asleep when I typed this into my phone last night, because I wanted to remember it, because I thought it was significant that I spend so much of the time I don’t hate everything wanting to be wrap my arms around people (and cats) who seem to need someone else to care. And I want to make them better, make myself better, have us all loving and appreciating each other in the way we should be loved and appreciated. But it’s selfish though, because I need them most. I’m the one all cracked up and falling apart, grabbing other people so they’re forced to hold me together. And I don’t know, still don’t know what I’m talking about, what I mean to say, because Criminal Minds is on again, and is not helping with my needing to hug the ones who need hugging.


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