another sneezy saturday

15 Dec

I’ve been sitting in this chair nearly all day, sneezing, eating cookie crumbs, and just barely keeping myself awake. I’m just so exhausted. I have the Juke this weekend, and I’ve only driven it once to the mall for a minute to pick up a pizza. Hopefully my nose will be better for tomorrow, Hot Fiance’s birthday, and the long drive to his home. I have to run some errands in the morning, and then we will have a day of fun! Anyway, anyway, I’m burning a CD now, a CD that took me entirely too many minutes to make, to compile a list of songs I like enough to listen to in the car, that flow well enough from one song to the next, because that is what’s important to me. And I’m still sneezing, fussing with my nose. I’m at the bottom of my box of my box of tissues, and my CD is finished! It just finished. It just popped out of my laptop and I feel like I just got paid. Thinking of hiding out in the car for eighty minutes to listen to the magic I just made.


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