already christmas

28 Nov

Sitting in bed with a computer in my lap trying to think of something interesting to write. I keep thinking about my day in the office — how today it was fine, how I spent an hour stringing Christmas lights around my cubicle after lunch, how at lunch the TV was off and my stomach felt like making a lot of noise and I ate quickly so I could leave and string lights and munch on the pack of Haribo gummy bears I emptied into a Ziploc the other morning so I could be quiet and secretive and I wouldn’t get in trouble or be asked to share. Then one of my coworkers turned off the lights so we could sit in the dark and enjoy our little Christmas bulbs for the last two hours of the day. And I took off my shoes and crossed my legs, took my time with the work I had, and shared my gummy bears because the warm glow of Christmas subdued my intense desire to getthehelloutofthere and I felt I could be pleasant. And it’s not even December.


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