obligatory list for giving thanks

21 Nov

Mostly because this [Myspace] survey forces me to think of my favorite things, things for which I am thankful, and ’tis the season, this is here. I realize people enjoy filling these in more than they do reading them. So what.

10 of your favorite things
1. S’mores. I think s’mores are Good. Like, I believe they fight evil.
2. Holidays. Christmas, mainly. Thanksgiving is good too. The few weeks between the two are the best, but trying to make them last gives me anxiety.
3. Long drives. When I don’t have anywhere to be and I can take my time, when there’s enough gas in the tank, when the A/C is working and there isn’t too much traffic, I can really sit back and enjoy a drive. The music, really, though. And the singing, loudly, because it helps relieve the sadness.
4. Handwriting. Is that even a thing? I realized today how strange it might be for me to obsess over mine and all the others I’ve known. I have/know many.
5. Catching up with friends. Surprising them with the crazy and rebellious things I’ve done since they last knew me. In high school, rebel was one of my favorite words. This might come as a surprise, but I’m actually pretty tame. Wow. Woah. Did not expect that.
6. Paper. Pens and paper. I wish I had something for which to use the stationery on my desk. I write too much of myself here to ask anyone to read more. Besides, I’m confused about the information I choose to share and which I want to remain private.
7. Weekends. I guess they do mean more when I have a job. Ugh.
8. Soup and bread. Because my stomach doesn’t feel well now and I know there’s some soup leftover in the fridge.
9. My subscribers and readers who wander to my blog, and everyone who understands that I can’t finish the rest of this survey thing until tomorrow, maybe, because I really don’t feel well now and I don’t know why.
10. Hot Fiance, who will care for me.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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