after a nap

10 Nov

Drove a ways out last night for mochi ice cream and a movie. Both were excellent. Slept heavily, I thought, after I showered and went to bed and woke up feeling refreshed. Ran an errand, felt the sun, sat at home with Hot Fiance watching fifty minute episodes of a show I recently downloaded, then felt exhausted enough for a thirty minute nap. Woke up before twilight. The sky was a washed-out grey, the wind was cool, and the house was quiet. Needed a warm hand to touch my face to feel awake, alive, less like a ghost like I sometimes do. Worrying now about my cat who escaped through the window again. She’s always out seeking adventure. Letting her run about somewhere I don’t know until she’s ready to come home. She’s never gone for long and she’s too happy and content curled up against my side at night for me to believe she wants to stay away.


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