election day and feelings

5 Nov

Filled a block with black ink next to a presidential candidate, unsure, still, that I was making the right decision. The best decision, really, because neither seem particularly right. Never been especially interested in politics, in thinking critically for the good of an entire country, in forming opinions on world issues, issues that should be solved with something a little more tangible than feelings, than emotions still wrapped around Ron Weasley’s ginger locks. I’ve been questioning myself since I filled in the block that said I’d decided, obsessing to the point I believe I’ve rejected a discerning notion that my first choice could have prevented something very terrible from happening to our great nation. Too late to change my mind now as my vote is sitting in a bin at the US Post Office, waiting to be seen, to be counted, to matter in some small way to almost everyone I know, even myself if only in the way that it gives me privilege to say that I participated, that I have real, honest, first-hand feelings about voting.


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