on take shelter

3 Nov

Guest writer Daniel tonight.  Jen’s taking a break.

Thoughts on Take Shelter (2011): There will be spoilers.

Got to rent it free with a promo code found online.  Over all it receives a B.  It was a good story, but the ending didn’t seem to match the rest of the story.  It was too “easy” as Jen put it.  The main character, Curtis,  is a man struggling with the possibility that he is in the middle of the onset of schizophrenia.  His psychotic struggles are making life with his wife, Sam, and daughter, Hannah, difficult and straining his work relationships.   In this movie I think I like Sam’s character the best and it’s mostly because the way she handles the situation is how I would want people to be if I started having a psychiatric break.  Curtis is also a likeable character, however, I just kept wanting him to tell Sam, his brother, and his friend about the struggles he was having.

We saw the preview for this movie a while ago and meant to watch it, but I guess we forgot.  Eating pizza tonight somehow triggered our memory of this movie and we decided to rent it.  Jen is a good movie watcher.  She really gets in to the movie and empathizes with the characters.  The story made it easy to connect with the man and his wife.  I think that’s a good movie.  One where you feel connected to the characters.  So I would have given it an A grade if they had come up with a different ending.  It’s pretty cool though and I would recommend for people to watch it.  Plus, the previews on the DVD for this movie are better than the previews on other movies.


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