8 Oct

I woke up this morning to vog, thick vog clinging to the mountains, in my lungs, in the space around the car as Daniel drove me to work. But it was a bright morning, cool and warm at the same time. For fifty minutes Hot Fiance drove. I showed off my Celine Dion voice, chomped on a cinnamon doughnut while he cruised around showing me places I don’t always remember, places in my own town that I can appreciate as if they were new, killing time because I didn’t start until nine. I never want to go, I never want to sit in the office when I could be hanging out with Daniel on his day off, pretending the vog is snow and I have to climb the mountains for a good shot, driving to the few parts of the island we haven’t been and carefully planning our next meal out. We should do that. What are the best ways to make 7 A.M. October days cooler?


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