5 Oct

In all the years I’ve known of the X-Men, I’ve wanted to be one but have never decided what kind of mutation I’d enjoy most. I know I’d like to have the ability to be invisible rather than read minds, and I’d prefer to fly than be invisible, but there are too many options for me to choose just one. To be included in a group of people who’ve gathered because of their differences, would be wonderful.

When I was younger, I watched a lot of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. (We’re not talking about X-Men anymore.) I dreamed of being one of them, of being best friends with the Power Rangers. After defeating evil, and I remember it clearly, someone yelled “Cut!” and Billy, Kimberly, and Jason joked about a mistake I made during filming. I was in third grade, but they treated me as an equal and that was wonderful too.


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