life, drawing class

27 Sep

I drew this some time in college, 2007 or 2008 maybe, in an Introduction to Life Drawing class that I loved so much because naked bodies were fine and expected and not at all criticized, so I didn’t feel like the girls or boys in class were paying special attention to the circumference of my thighs which were hidden inside a pair of holey blue jeans or a skirt that fell just below my knees and was flowy specifically to keep the width of my legs a mystery, and because class was two and half hours long and made me feel like a Real Artist even though I was never satisfied with what I drew even though I was constantly praised by my professor in front of everyone even though, like, that’s totally a thing I just wanted to throw in there for some psychological evaluation, and because there was this girl with stone-washed jeans, fitted flannel shirts, and gold-brown curls, Kate Adams, who sometimes leaned over to compliment my work and who seemed so cool and different and interesting unlike weekends with The X and nobody else, ever, and because it was something he couldn’t do and being Better was not a thing I was used to during those two years.


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