“i almost cried last night” is my favorite line

21 Sep

When Fighter left, I don’t remember spending an obsessive amount of time missing him. Sometimes, when I was alone between classes, I’d want him to be there so I wouldn’t seem so lonely, and sometimes I’d send him text messages in which I didn’t mind admitting to be weak and lovesick, because a part of me really loved the drama of having been broken up with a friend who I’d sort of had feelings for on and off throughout high school and who sort of had feelings for me at opposite times until that one winter when he came home after his first semester in college on the mainland and we directed all our feelings of having missed each other and The Way Things Were When We Were Younger into a single week of Officially Together and my first kisses and a farewell party after the New Year with all our friends at my grandparents’ house, when Fighter decided it would be best we “keep things loose” while he was back at school, when I half-heartedly agreed, when I hugged him goodbye in the dark corner by the pool, when I cried about my feelings in front of Grandma for the first time since sixth grade, when she told me and I didn’t believe that I’d be okay.


One Response to ““i almost cried last night” is my favorite line”

  1. kdunn5372 September 21, 2012 at 8:35 pm #

    I sent my ex a text the other day telling him I still loved him. Its okay to have moments of weakness.

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