trying to be more gryffindor

10 Sep

This happened about four months after my month-long session of mono during which I forgot how to spell, went to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, promised not to infect any of my friends, felt like death, and still managed to appreciate the wizarding world with every bit of my heart. After mono, any sign of swelling on my face or neck terrified me and contributed to my college experience being a confusing mixture of Wanting To Be Invisible and Trying To Be More Gryffindor.

I spent a lot of time sitting places, feeling uncomfortable, and writing to seem busy. Here I am. Sitting. Writing. Feeling strange. Bored. Weird. Awkward.

When my courage was in low supply, I spent half a semester at home saving it up for Spring when I’d return with energy and vigor and a very faint and distant memory of the assignment I butchered and teacher who depleted my stock of self-worth. I can’t say that I came back as big and strong as I’d have liked, but I was better and cared little for Wanting To Be Invisible when I saw her strutting about the school.


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