6 Sep

I’m still trying to get over my cold. Spent most of the day sprawled in front of the Vornado on the floor in the middle of the living room, complaining to myself that there’s nothing in this house I feel like eating, then eating everything anyway. I’m not even sure there’s anything outside that would satisfy me either. My discontent feels unhealthy and natural and a part of recovery I really should have expected. Like, I’ve been drawing too much lately. I’ve been too inspired, and now I have to pay with a full week’s worth of BLERGHHH. But I’ll get over it. Just after I gain seven pounds, cry about there being too many pretty girls in this world, and publish four more blog entries about my head feeling disconnected and hating everything because of it.

*An hour later*
Okay. I’m halfway through an acai bowl, and I’m feeling better. Still not well enough to write a coherent blog entry.


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