stupid things

3 Sep

One of three lights above me is dim and flickering and the other two have already burned out. This is annoying, but apparently not so much that I would stand up, walk two or three steps to the switch, and turn it off. I think a small part of me finds pleasure in my torment. I feel most inspired when I think about the things that bother me. This cold, for example, is very high on my list of Stupid Things From Today. I want to tell you about how much more I would have enjoyed Office Depot if I didn’t feel like my head was in a dream and sound traveled through a thick wall of foam before reaching my ears. Daniel bought me a pen. It is inexpensive and magnificent, and I have made up my mind that I will enjoy it instead of save it for A Time When It Is Important I Use A Cool Pen. Because that has almost always been never. Well, never or the day after it decides to stop waiting for me and the ink dries up. Number two on my list of Stupid Things From Today is the way I skulked around after hearing that Daniel watched a DVD about a car show in which there were hot girls. I asked because there are always hot girls at car shows. And then I asked how thoroughly they were dressed, because I knew they’re hardly ever thorough. And then I shut up, because I know Daniel watched it for the cars, and he thinks I’m pretty, but I still hate myself and like for people to tell me things that make me feel bad and want only to be compared to exceptionally ugly girls. And the last on my list of Stupid Things From Today are my khaki shorts, the one that I always have to wear with a belt because the button came off in the wash a couple weeks after I first purchased it from Forever 21 two years ago. It’s stupid because the zipper is broken now, too. The zippy things do not connect. I cared, but not enough to change my shorts because my belt held up my shorts, there’s a flap that covers the zipper, and my shirt was long enough to hide it all anyway. That’s all.

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