2 Sep

Besides shortened versions of my name, I don’t think I have any nicknames. Jen. Jenni. Jenz. G. “Jenz” was the name I used during my softball days. It was the name on the back of my helmet spelled with reflective bubble-letter stickers that I thought would help everyone to remember the Z at the end that made me slightly more than ordinary. Cool. Jen with a Z. “G” is a nickname given to me by my sister when we were both very, very young. It was easier to say. It still is. I guess that why it stuck.
I have nicknames for other people, but I don’t go around telling them about it. You’ve read about Fireman, Magician, Gordo, and The X.  I briefly mentioned Red, James Franco, and Surfer Dude long ago, and I have yet to tell you about Explorer and some other people I still need to give a code name. Hmm. There’s Pilot, Mon Ami, E-Friend, and Cobra. Leave a comment below telling me who you’d like to hear about next!


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