27 Aug

I’ve always known better than to rely on serendipity to lead me to Prince Charming, but if I was sixteen, recently dumped, and flying alone for the first time to New York City, maybe I’d meet a tall, attractive eighteen year-old with brown wavy hair and black Converse kicks on the plane, maybe we’d spend nine hours discovering we like the same music, we both enjoy writing, we’re not all that interested in dating anyone right now but if the right person came along we’d be wrong to let that go, maybe we’d part at the baggage claim before either of us are brave enough to admit there might be feelings, maybe he wouldn’t be able to enjoy the sights in Times Square without thinking that I’d like them too, maybe we’d spot each other through the closing doors on the subway train, and maybe when I’ve given up hope that we’d ever meet again, I’ll board my flight back to Honolulu, take my seat next to the window, fall asleep before takeoff, wake up somewhere over the Pacific next to Prince Charming From Before saving me the bag of pretzels I’d missed when the stewardess made her rounds. But, I wasn’t holding my breath.


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