not a fun game

21 Aug

Just a minute ago, there were 151 words here about the dream I had last night in which nothing really significant happened. I’ve since deleted it and decided instead to play this game.

The Rules
1. Before beginning the game, make sure you kind of already have to pee.
2. Fill a tall glass with water and drink it. Refill when empty.
3. Type a blog entry and only stop when you’re three to five seconds from peeing your pants.

Ready? Go!

This is weird. I probably should have consulted my friends on Facebook for a one-word topic suggestion, but I was afraid no one would respond because everyone who has cared in the past about leaving words on my wall no longer does and probably finds my asking annoying.
*takes four large gulps of water*
I didn’t have work today, and that is a kind of good I can’t accurately explain. My face, though, it feels more awake and alive on these days even when there’s nothing to do and the heat from the sun and the heaviness of the water in the air is almost unbearable. I need fewer workdays, and more weekends and vacations.
*more water enters the body through the mouth*
I think it is very important that one day in my life, I decide two hours before the plane leaves, that I am going somewhere. I’ll pack my bags in record time, call in sick from work, say goodbye to the cats, and race to the airport with Daniel and something to eat on the plane. It would be The Best.
*okay, I really have to pee now*
I should do this soon. We can leave tomorrow.

P.S. You can’t tell, but I’m typing this really slowly and drinking water even more times than I’ve written, so I have to go now. I think I should go. I think I should quit this game now and stop typing and run upstairs to the bathroom so I don’t get a bladder infection that might inhibit my future spontaneous travel adventures. Daniel, if you’re reading this, and I think I’ll make sure you read this tonight, help me to convince you that this will be a good and fun idea. FOR TOMORROW.


3 Responses to “not a fun game”

  1. midoreo September 15, 2012 at 5:34 am #

    I really enjoyed reading your posts. And for some reason I don’t know, I find this really funny haha. Looks like you had fun with this game after all. 🙂

    Lovely blog!

    • jenibo September 15, 2012 at 9:27 am #

      Haha. Thank you. You should play!

      • midoreo September 15, 2012 at 10:42 pm #

        Haha soon i might give it a try :))

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