poker face

19 Aug

I can’t tell you much about my poker playing without giving too much away. I need to keep the mystery alive at least until Mark hosts another game at his house and I take everyone’s money. I mean, if money was involved. Which it shouldn’t be. And isn’t. I don’t want to be pushy and remind him that Texas Hold’em still exists and I’m free most Fridays and Saturdays and we haven’t played for over a year, so I *poked* him on Facebook last week hoping that he would get the hint (poke, poke-r), but still nothing. I like that it’s a game people don’t usuallyexpect me to do well in and I can play without the pressure of upholding expectations. I also like that it’s not really an activity that requires conversation or a lot of laughter. Laughing is not bad and I’ve found myself enjoying it a great number of times, but right now, I could really use some time at a table with some cards, a stack of poker chips, and fewer girls than boys at the table. And, like, maybe some kind of alcoholic beverage to sip while I think about my hand and the number of things I’ll have to knock over for my friends to think I’m too drunk to have anything good when I raise the bet.


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