7 Aug

It is true that one of the happiest moments of my life occurred about three feet above a trampoline. It was a hot summer day in 2005, I think, and I was unhappy with my body, the way I struggled to communicate with my friends, and the quick downward spiral that was my romantic life since Fireman left. Gordo, who supposedly crushed on me since before Fireman and before even Magician (I’ll tell you about him another time), was never going to do or say anything to know whether or not I’d love him today, so I had to find my own happiness just beside him on a friend’s neighbor’s trampoline with four or five other people I thought I’d know longer than I did. We jumped and jumped and I laughed my ugly laugh, the one where I smile too big, my eyes are almost completely closed, and my nostrils flare a little because all the muscles in my face are no longer concerned with composure or what anyone else might think. I was happy and nothing else mattered. For a few short moments suspended in the space above that trampoline, I was free from myself and it was magnificent.


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