31 Jul

Woke up early this morning and sat at the dining table with Daniel as he swallowed his vitamins. Opened a piece of campaign mail with my name and address handwritten on the envelope, because I appreciated the effort. Muttered a comment about wanting a job writing addresses on envelopes. Any excuse to use a pen and work on my handwriting, really. Started sneezing later during the day when the heat from the sun was becoming uncomfortable indoors. Past experience has caused me to worry about my sneezes taking over my body, ruining an entire day with piles of tissue, smudged eyeliner, and the exhaustion of the full blown flu. Which it never is. I’m almost always upset with my sinuses. I’ve considered Googling whether or not they can be replaced. I’ve committed to cutting my own hair to two-inches with kid-scissors and a blindfold if it meant my nose would never give me problems again.


One Response to “sneezing”

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