29 Jul

Peaches is the title of a Young Adult book by Jodi Lynn Anderson that I read some time in high school or right after high school when I could still relate to the hope and uncertainty of teenage love, when I copied my favorite passages in the most ridiculously small handwriting on a 3×5-inch index card that doubled as a bookmark, before the reds and greys when my world was a gloomy but callow shade of violet.

“Life was chugging along, and Birdie had never even gotten on the track. She was stranded at the station while people like Murphy and Leeda were actually living, moving forward, looking back at her like she was some kind of alien spy” (Anderson 85).

Okay. First, I can’t help but MLA. I enjoy MLA. I MLA in my sleep. MLA and I are old friends. Second, I remember relating to this quote. I’m pretty sure I quoted it in a Xanga entry alongside a poorly written account of my latest hour of teenage heartbreak.

“She rolled over and stared at the clock. It was 2:13 A.M. Leeda wanted to go swimming in the lake. She wanted to do something daring, something that made her feel like she wasn’t this perfectly controlled mess, but a real, messy mess” (Anderson 113).

This book helped me to see that my life would not be complete until I take a late-night dip in a lake in the summertime. I think of it when I’m restless and supposed to be sleeping. I imagine it would calm the twisting in my stomach when I feel the world is against me and I’m not young enough to cry about it.

“Saint Jude was the patron saint of lost causes” (Anderson 80).

That’s something I could have read anywhere. But it was in the book, and when I read it, I wrote it down. It’s significant now, because of this. And this. And sort of mainly this.

And that’s all. We can talk about other things tomorrow.


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