22 Jul

Hope is the name of the baby born to a refugee couple from the Earth Kingdom on their way to Ba Sing Se. That’s the first thing I thought of when a friend gave me hope as a one-word topic suggestion I requested on Facebook. I remember that Appa was lost and Aang was very upset and discouraged. He was angry and aloof, and it was upsetting for even me to see him that way. But when Hope was born to the Earth Kingdom couple, Aang was encouraged and hopeful that Appa would return. It has been a very nice day so far, but there are dark things in my life that I cannot run away from. I could use some encouragement. I could go for some hope.

Oh! Two nights ago, I had a dream in which snakes were a problem in my home. This is kind of significant, because we don’t have snakes in Hawaii and I don’t spend much time thinking about them. In my dream, when Daniel accidentally spilled a Dr. Pepper on one of them, the skin of the snake sort of crackled and the whole thing evaporated. I took this to mean that water kills snakes. I quickly learned that you need a BIG bucket of water to drench every inch of the snake if you want the snake to die. A cupful on its head will only shrink it. Another cupful on its middle will make it smaller again. Little bits of water on what is now a worm will turn it into a beetle. And a sprinkle of water on the beetle will turn it into a flea. If you’re fast enough to pour water onto the flea, you can kill it. But most of the time, the fleas get away and become a daily nuisance. Be prepared. Drench those suckers.

I struggled to find meaning in that for days. Now, it kind of makes sense.


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