brain warp

16 Jul

Sometimes I’m sitting at my desk at work punching numbers into a calculator or organizing thick stacks of paper and I get the strange feeling that my mind has been there (just there, wherever There happens to be at that time) before. It’s like the little person creating consciousness in my head with her little footsteps ran over the samepart of my brain she first tread on during the first week of my freshman year of high school when I arrived early and had thirty minutes to burn during which I walked slowly around the campus, in and out of the library, all the way up the fourth stairwell that led nowhere, and down again before it was 7:55 and the only person I talked to would be there and we could go to homeroom together. So, I’m sitting in the office in the summer of 2012, and I can smell the cool Nuuanu mornings of August 2001 like I’m there. And I wonder whether I miss it more than I’ll ever realize. Because I really don’t think I miss being a freshman in high school.


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