being harry

13 Jul

1. It’s the Friday Five! I woke up this morning devastated, justdevastated,that I had to go to work. I know. I don’t even think I’m a real grownup. It’s all really pathetic. But I went to work, did what I was supposed to do, and got to leave two hours early. Hallelujah! It wasn’t eventhatbad. I drove around in a new black Sentra (which, by the way, is far from my idea of a “sweet ride” heh, but inspired a stranger in the parking lot at the bank yesterday to call me a “lucky girl” and inquire about the trunk space of which I know nothing about because I’m only driving it for work when there are no other cars available) and wrote on papers and chitchatted about my new phone, my old phone, and my cats. So, really, it could have been worse.

2. I’m trying this Positivity thing, and it’s been fine so far this week (compared to others, I guess), but I have to say– I don’t like the word. Positivity. It almost sounds cult-ish to me. I don’t want to be creepy and weird, I just want to be happy and for others to be inspired by my fresh outlook on life. Can we all just take a moment to come up with a better name for Positivity? At work when I’mso discouragedabout everything, I need to remember this word and my commitment to achieving it. Maybe I could write it on a Post-it and stick it somewhere in my cubicle. I kind of hate inspiring quotes, but maybe I need one of those too.

3. Wow. It’s hard being positive and encouraging of myself. Like, I’m on the verge of actual anger because I suggested I read an inspiring quote. There is a lump in my throat and my fingers are all twitchy. I have the urge to hold my breath until I pass out, because I’m just so disgusted with myself.

4. And that’s how you know that Voldemort is a part of you. This is when you fear that the anger inside of you, all the time, is making you Bad. This is when you decide to hunt down the horcruxes that keep him alive and destroy them before they destroy you.

5. In other news, I am determined to make this weekend spectacular! I can’t remember if I made any plans yet, but whatever it is, I will use the words and, uh, quotes you might send me to remind me that life is more fun when you’re happy about it. And when it is filled with good people. And mochi ice cream.


One Response to “being harry”

  1. Matty July 15, 2012 at 4:00 pm #

    Optimism? A general sense that everything is going to be OK in the end?

    “Sing happier songs”

    “Maybe forget the whole positivity cult and do your own thing.”
    –Abraham Lincoln

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