we can go somewhere

10 Jul

I went to brunch with Mom and Court today where I listened and tried to determine from the clues I was given whether or not they ran into Kristen’s mom yesterday or another day before. They both had very interesting and believable accounts. I am stumped! I’ve failed to crack the case.

Aside from sorting out the evidence of the aforementioned mystery, my brain has been growing a thick layer of wanderlust. I’ve been wanting to go back to New Orleans for a while now, but I feel too small and unsure of myself to go there without real grownups. So I thought I should suggest to my high school friends that we meet up in Vegas in a couple of months because it’s easy to just be there. With the bright lights and shiny machines, there seems to be little need to stand around waiting for someone to tell us what to do next. Still, I worry that I’m too tame for the kind of Vegas they might want to see. Not even on my wildest night did I think it a fun idea to go to a club and dance around. But holy moly, nine shots of tequila! Everything is funny and spinning, and I think I will sit here on the floor and just hug the legs of this chair. And you want me to dance? You must be kidding. That would be embarrassing.


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