my friend, miley

7 Jul

Had a lot of weird dreams last night. In one of them, I called up Miley Cyrus because we had to work on some sort of school project together. We met up and chit chatted for a bit before bothering with our work. She told me she’s not allowed to go to regular grocery stores. I gathered that she had people who forbade her from them because of the common folk who’d go nutso over seeing her. That’s why so many of her paparazzi photos are shots of her outside of cutesy mom and pop stores that will become all the rage. She’s not intentionally trendy. Then I told her about the venue I have my heart set on for my wedding. I told her how I haven’t actually looked at any other place. And that pictures I’ve seen online are all I needed to convince me that I couldn’t be married anywhere else. And we laughed about that a little. Then I asked her how much she’d already planned for her wedding with Liam. She couldn’t say. She explained that it was important for her to be very private about the matter, and it wasn’t that she didn’t trust me. I reminded her that I’m trustworthy, but was slightly relieved that she’d keep her secrets to herself so that if they came out, I could not be blamed. I told her that parts of my wedding were secret too, and we both nodded like, yeah, that’s just how weddings are.


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