business cards and matching blazers

28 Jun

For the first time in over a year, I wrote a private journal entry. It was refreshing. I told them all about you guys and how I love you but we haven’t really been communicating well lately. I don’t think we should break up. We can work through this. Let’s start with this dream:

Someone forwarded an email to me that contained a link to a YouTube video in which my Work Life Writing English professor sang and danced to a song he wrote as a reminder for our class to attend the reunion we set up years in advance that would take place this Friday. His song said that our attendance wasn’t mandatory, but he bought candy canes, personalized business cards, and matching blazers. So, like, why wouldn’t I go? I didn’t want to be the first to RSVP, so I made a mental note to text Clint to make sure he’d seen the video and would bring a date so I could take Daniel.
Another part of my dream was about Henry having trouble breathing and the doctor saying nothing was wrong. As the shot zoomed out away from the ground and higher into the yellow-orange sky, words flashed across the screen like the end of a documentary. After routine tests months later, a hole was discovered in his lung while his doctor was at home eating Cheerios. I realize that it’s far less powerful in real life.


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