bring cash

18 Jun

For a coworker’s birthday, we went out to lunch today which was nice because I didn’t have to prepare a lunch for myself in the morning and going to a restaurant instead of the lunchroom usually takes a while longer and means less time at the desk. I learned today that if I wanted the mini zucchini cakes and fries, I should carry more cash because I don’t know how to do the math to calculate the actual cost of my meal plus the fraction of Val’s which I would also pay. Oh! And tax. Luckily, we were given separate checks and I could pay for my avocado grilled chicken sandwich with my debit card and my contribution to Val’s total with a tiny piece of the twenty Daniel gave me for this occasion last night. Beside my forfeiting the awesome salad bar to sit in the booth sipping my water alongside five other women with awesome salads, lunch was a success. And next time Daniel takes me there, I’m getting those zucchini cakes.


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