here’s to us fools that have no meaning

15 Jun

One of my best high school friends created this event thing on Facebook for which he “invited” me and eight of our closest high school friends to share what we’ve been doing lately. There have been about two things said about our current situations, and the rest of the posts in our private little “chat room” begin with something to the effect of “remember when…” And I think we’re all happy and that we recognize that even if, for some reason, we hate each other in the future, we had something really special and we shouldn’t try to forget it no matter how much it hurts when it’s three a.m. and we’ve had a little too much time alone to sit and reflect on the direction of our lives and the people we’ve grown out and away from and the way they once meant everything and could make our day with a handwritten note passed to us between classes that let us know they understood us and cared about us and would always be there to talk. Because for a time, they were. And it did mean a lot more than the little things it took to separate us. We’ve all grown into new people with new friends, different ideas, stories, and jobs, but it should still be nice to talk with the people who at one time made up your entire world.


One Response to “here’s to us fools that have no meaning”

  1. Wendy June 15, 2012 at 7:36 pm #

    LOL that’s cool. I don’t talk to many people from high school.

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