less of an adult

12 Jun

I feel like I was sleeping most of the day, so except for the bad parts, I barely remember work. After that, I went to a seminar thing for first time home buyers at which I learned a little, but felt mostly like a kid pretending to know what credit really is. When I imagined myself planning a wedding or looking for homes, I thought I’d be more mature and independent. At least, like, be somewhat able to go to the store alone to buy a carton of eggs. Or something. But that kind of thing still makes me cry. So much for mature, huh. I think I’m too unsure of myself for adults to look at me as an equal. Like, uhh, I don’t know what escrow means. My mommy does my taxes. How do I calculate tip?
I may be exaggerating a bit. Maybe. But one of my more pressing fears is that my immaturity will keep me stupid forever, and talking about it here gives you the opportunity to tell me in the comments how you’re less of an adult you thought you’d be at this age, too.


2 Responses to “less of an adult”

  1. Chris Kimoto June 13, 2012 at 2:43 am #

    i wouldn’t say its about what we know that makes us mature..its how we handle things that come up in our lives :). as far as finances go..i’m an idiot :). comparing myself to what my folks know and do as far as finances go..makes them seem like wizards or something ;).

  2. Wendy June 13, 2012 at 6:36 am #

    1. I wouldn’t expect anyone to know what escrow means.

    2. I pay someone to do my taxes.

    3. I don’t know (or choose not to) how to calculate tip.

    4. The idea of credit is so backwards. When we met with a loan officer from ASB to see how much we could qualify for a mortgage, she told me my credit was low and it was because I paid my credit cards off in full every month and I paid my loans off too fast so they can’t see how well i would pay things off over time. Well thanks for punishing me for buying only what I can afford and not wanting to have to pay any interest.

    And word of advice: If you are paying for your own wedding like I did, do NOT see a loan officer to see how much you would qualify for for a house. Because after the wedding, unless you make back your money, you won’t be able to qualify for whatever they said. LOL But it didn’t matter for us because we want to live with my parents so we can save money so we can travel and not worry about a mortgage and kids. Oh and I was able to afford a new car cuz I don’t have all the extra expenses 🙂 I love living at home!

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